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by Ondrej Sika

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Git beginners Amsterdam 16. 5. 2018 250 EUR register
Gitlab & CI beginners Amsterdam 17. 5. 2018 300 EUR register

About me

My name is Ondrej Sika, I am a software engineer at Slush Pool (Bitcoin mining) and do trainings and consulting of the Git and Git ecosystem (Gitlab, …). I am also do another couses like Docker and CI (continues integration). I started my training career with Git, since then I have a lot of experiences with versioning and software project. I can help you boost your productivity to maximum.

Every couses I do personally. I have more than 7 years experience with Git and I use Git on daily basis. I use Git for large global project as well as my small thinks. I can not imagine working without it.

Course Agenda

In one day, you will learn:

  • Basic Overview - About me, Why do versioning, Why Git
  • Installation & Configuration - Installation, Basic required configuration, Gitlab registration
  • First commit - File stages, Repository status, Adding / Removing file, Commit
  • One branch workflow - Changes (git diff), Repository status (detailed), Commit (detailed), Browsing history & changes
  • Multiple branch workflow - Create branch, Switching branches, Rebasing branches, Merging branches, Removing, Renaming branches
  • Working with the server - Clone repository from server, Add remote repository, Fetch changes from server, Push data to server

About the training

I think, the workshop is the best way how to learn something now. I beleve, the practical experience is the best you can learn, becouse every my trainings are workshops. Public workshops are located in meeting rooms of some local coworking spaces and I also do inhose workshops for companies. After training, you get an participation certificate.

Couse is focused to software developer who don’t know Git. If you have used some other versioning tool like SVN, it is an advantige, not necessity.


Price of one day Git course is 250 EUR per person, price of one day Giltlab & CI course is 300 EUR. For in-house courses, write me an email for price offer.

Students, universities a non-profit organizations have 50% discount.

If you are a group of people, you can write me email for some goup discount.

I am interested in training

If you are interested, just write me email for more informations or just order training.


Ondrej Sika

I’m online at:

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Public talks

Sometimes I do public taks, if you are an orginazer of some meetup, let me know, I can speek there.

This is an Ondrej Sika's project.