What is Git?

Git is a modern versioning tool that has become an industry standard among developers. Individuals, startups and corporations use it on a daily basis. Git offers a simple simultaneous collaboration with more people on different parts of a project. You won't face the issue of disrupting each other's work or not being able to access the latest versions. The collaboration on a project can also be improved using Gitlab, a platform for the design, development and running of software projects.

Course Description

During this one day hands-on workshop, you will find out why it is beneficial to use Git, how it works (why there are no substitutes) and best practices. You will be shown everything from the installation and basic Git setup, simple individual work in a one branch to work in a team with multiple branches using merge strategies (merge, rebase) and Gitlab. The pros and cons of both will be explained, and you can choose which one is better suited for your needs. Also, you will be shown how to get out of unexpected situations like 'I deleted everything by accident' etc.

Course Outline

  • Installation and Configuration
  • New Repository
  • Basic Git controls
  • Work in one branch
  • Work in branches - merge, rebase (strength of Git)
  • Work with remote repositories
  • Workflow with Gitlab
  • Recovery of erased data from the repository
  • Tips

Who Should Attend

This training course is primarily aimed at developers who don't do versioning or aren't using Git. Also, for those who make use of Git for 100% (git commit, git pull, git push). You can find a use for Git when it comes to a plentitude of projects, like small websites or bigger projects. Also, the course is useful for people that don't code frequently like DevOps.

Skill Requirements

  • Basic Terminal knowledge
  • Basic Git knowledge beneficial

Technical Requirements

  • Have Git installed
  • Access to the internet (https) - ideally without corporate proxy

Lektor: Ondrej Sika

A little bit of background about myself, I am a software engineer at Slush Pool and DevOps consultant, architect & lecturer. I have more than 7 years of experience with Git on daily basis of software development. I can't imagine the day-to-day work without Git. Next to source codes, I also version configuration and infrastucture (yes, using Terraform). I train the topics surrounding versioning and software development for over five years. This course is the one that I started with and is still popular.

Get in touch if you have any questions - happy hearing from you!



We have invited Ondrej as a consultant to help with the incorporation of Gitlab CI to our development processes. Even though we were not skilled in the subject, we were able to start understanding the language pretty quick thanks to Ondrej, and in the short period, we were able to get back maximum knowledge. Ondrej is experienced in many diverse areas of software development and adoption - topics like Docker, load balancing, security, git workflow, monitoring, etc. His consultation was a valuable addition to our team and thanks to it we were able to lose time trying to figure out how things work and making unnecessary mistakes.

František Vodsloň

NMS Market Research

I consulted with Ondrej topics including Blockchain, GIT and development standards. I appreciate Ondrej's knowledge and experience in these areas. Ondrej is open minded person and discussions with him I found very fruitful.

Juraj Boldiš

Bohemia Energy

Ondrej came in to train us in Git, on the spot he also helped us with situational questions specific to our business surrounding the whole development cycle. He did not fail even with our ad hoc questions which were related to Git only loosely, but for our business essential. It was beneficial to spend time with a person who has a deep understanding of the topic and industry and at the same time is able to look at the problem from our perspective.

Adrian Kantor



Price for one day hands-on Git training

  • Open to public (self-funded): 400 Eur excl. VAT
  • Open to public (company-funded): 500 Eur excl. VAT
  • On-site training (on-site): 1 500 Eur excl. VAT

I Want the Git Training

If you are interested in Git workshop or have any questions, please let me know.

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